Moving on out


I’ve moved here come along and see!


The big 3 0


Celebrated a lady loves birthday in the weekend. She turned the big 30, I think it looks good on her! I set up a photobooth for her and I’m going to edit the photos and book them up for her gift! It was such a fun night!!

Me and this kid enjoyed ourselves….


Every Wednesday I make a quiche for my Nana and Aunty…. It’s My Nana’s favourite thing that I make and fortunately the easiest!!! Because I have been instagramming the shiz out of these quiches a couple of you have been curious about the recipe….
Now, I got this recipe off my Mother in Law who got it off a friend, who got it off a friend etc etc etc…. So I have no idea where it’s come from!!! The best part about these is, no quiche is the same! It’s all about using what is about to die a slow death in your fridge what’s on hand or in season.

Ok here goes, prepare to be amazed at the ease.


Mix until smooth-
5 free range eggs
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
1 cup self rising flour
Salt and pepper

Now, that friends, is your base…. Really do with it what you wish… But here’s some ideas…

I always throw a heap of wilted spinach in {as much moisture out as possible hint I use my scanpan and pile a heap of spinach, leek, etc add some crushed garlic and a little water, chuck on the lid until soft} softened leek or diced onion, grated zucchini, grated carrot, roast kumara {sweet potato}, grated cheese -I prefer roughly crumbled feta.
A chorizo and blue cheese combo would be nice. Really, anything your heart desires!!
I often sprinkle with paprika or cheese and pumpkin seeds.

Stir it all up and spoon into a lined quiche dish cook at 180•c until golden and firm to touch.


I cut mine up, refrigerate and eat cold as snacks or lunch, also when cut up small like that it’s a good finger food for parties

There we go, just call me Martha tryhard, If you make any delicious combinations, let me know!!

Hi ho hi ho

It’s off to work I go!!!


Well my holiday is officially over…. The last 2 weeks have been a blast and we managed to pull off a pretty seamless surprise party for my Dads 60th on Saturday!! Hooray!! I made a wee video of our time together as a surprise from us all and it went down a treat….. Phew. It was a long night of editing but I was so pleased I did it. I’m hoping to get it up on the blog here soon with a list of the apps I used. That’s right folks I did it all on this here iPhone I’m holding.

On another note… I went to the kineseologist today and I mentioned I’ve been getting sore feet in the morning….. His answer was “it’s probably just toxicity, have you been drinking too much booze”….. Ahhhh why yes Mr witch doctor, yes I have. Thanks for bringing that up…. He then ensued with pulling and clicking my toes and then bent them over some sadistic torture device and smashed them!!!!! True story. So my ‘booze hooves’ (as guy and I named them) have been cured. Hip hip…..

My sweet little shampoo station.

Secret squirrel

Two of our awesome friends got engaged on Saturday night!!! They’ve been together for a long time and I’m so happy for them!!! Penny is just about to embark on a food truck owning journey as well, so its all systems go in their lives!! Such exciting stuff! Nursey and I popped around for a secret mission to make their house look nice and embarrassing for when they return!! Mission accomplished.



Love…. Love…. Love

Autumn daze

How freakin amazing are all the gorgeous colours that we see in Autumn {or ‘Fall’ for some}. My lovely friend Ems and I went for an afternoon stroll through the botanic gardens the other day and I was buzzing on the beauty…. I was this close to taking leaves and making leaf prints in autumnal colours when I got home… Then I remembered I wasn’t 5.

Oh yea….. And we bought a guide book to the gardens because we wanted the real touristy deal. Ems navigated us around those gardens like a Boss.




Ahhh I nearly forgot…… The boingy tree. When I was a little kid we used to go straight to this tree when arriving at the gardens…. Huge branches hang low to the ground and when moved they start to bounce up and down pretty buoyantly. It was still fun at 28!


Thanksgiving…. Better late than never.

We had an awesome thanksgiving celebration here on Tuesday….. Sarah and Maurice, my American brother in law and my sister, were supposed to be here for thanksgiving last year but sadly they couldn’t make it…. Maurice has traditionally invited all of his friends to his place to celebrate thanksgiving in New Zealand…. It’s really lovely and novel for us kiwi’s because it’s not a holiday we celebrate obviously. I love the idea of it though, such a great thing to get all of your family and friends together and throw in a heap of good vibes.


I was in my element. Chained to the kitchen, trying new recipes!! I have never made a pumpkin pie…. Or pastry for that matter but I did both, and I must say they were pretty delishiiiimo!! I also made these fantastic little peanut butter treats called ‘buckeyes’ I found the recipe on the smitten kitchen blog. {I love that blog….. LOVE!!! The food is amazing, her spinach and gruyere strata is one of my favourite things to cook for brunch}


It was such a wonderful night with family and meeting new people.

Oh and the next morning I found this fella doing some cleaning up while still in his pajamas….. Wearing my scarf. Worried? Umm…Yea maybe a little. Mainly because I think he may look better in it than I do….


Beer me

Wwwwhhhhhhy do I love beer so very much!!! I am a beer guzzling chick. I wish I was partial to a vodka soda or a minty mojito (anything classier than a pint of belly bloating gold lager!) but I’m not. So beer it is. And last night, I had plenty.
It was worth it though because i had some hilarious catching up to do with my sister, brother in law and my sister from another mother.

There were crocheted gang patches, Merivale bouffants, smelly ponds and the debate over burnt pig hair. Had to be there? No doubt.

My scarf is my new favorite snuggly thing. More on that later.

We all fall down

Yesterday was a very strange day…. My sister who is visiting from Melbourne, my Dad and I went for a drive to check out a couple of art galleries…. Seems easy enough right… WRONG!
Wowza, our city is a demolition zone… For those who don’t know, Christchurch has been hit with a series of earthquakes, with the most damaging quake (22/02/11) destroying a lot of our inner city buildings and claiming the lives of 185 people, including one of my absolute favourite clients.

Every street we turned down was blocked and whenever we did get to drive more than 200 meters, the rubble of demoed buildings that surrounded us was somewhat soul destroying…. I know it’s only bricks and mortar but it’s a reminder of all of those people who lost their lives that day and of the ones they left behind that have to endure that loss every single day. The city has lost its soul…. It’s just bricks and rubble and rather depressing.

A friend said yesterday, it has to get worse before it gets better and I think maybe she is right…

Looking forward but definitely not forgetting.


All together now

Saturday was an awesome day…. Both of my sisters arrived home to visit for 2 weeks!!!!!! Sarah (middle child) is living in Minnesota with her husband Maurice (aka Birdman) and Lisa (the eldest) has been living in Melbourne with her Hubby Gafa (pronounced nafa) for way too long. Gafa arrives in 5 days so we are all hanging out for him to get here too!! It has been so nice having them around… It helps that we practically live in a family commune live next door to my parents, it means all of us can mingle between the two places…

Sarah, Lisa, me


We drove out to Sumner beach for a walk and it was a good chance for everyone to check out some ‘post earthquake’ changes…. The mighty shag rock has now become shag pile…. Amazing example of the force of nature….. Kinda creeeeeepy. That is cave rock in the photo above… You used to be able to climb it and go exploring in the big cave underneath it, but the whole thing has been fenced of these days.

Ma and Pa


It was my favourite time of night… Sunset and dusk…. Everyone looked golden…. And each of them are!

20120416-083419.jpg birdman can fly